The Coffeeshop

The Coffeeshop

Welcome to Coffeeshop Dr Pleasure

The best coffeeshop in Deventer and the region.

Officially opened since 1 September 2017, Coffeeshop Dr Pleasure is located near the railway station and the city centre on Brinkgreverweg 70. There is plenty of parking nearby. The coffeeshop is opened daily from 9am to 00am.

Here, you can sit comfortably in the smoking area, play a board game, watch television or just takeaway. Dr Pleasure has an extensive menu at a good price. Our staff members are extremely friendly, competent and helpful. Coffee, tea and soft drinks are available for you.

The name Dr Pleasure is a reference to both the recreational and medicinal use of Cannabis. Cannabis is incredibly popular as a recreational drug, to relax and for pleasure. In addition, cannabis is often used for medical purposes such as sleep deprivation, decreased appetite, muscle pain, stress.

Pleasure to meet you.